Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holy Guacamole!

Hello all! What a wonderfully busy few months it has been! The best part of those past couple months was Robert's and my super sweet trip to Barbados (we just got back two days ago, and I am still sooo tan woot!... although my face did just start peeling because it refused to do anything but burn for two weeks. gross.)

But before this little adventure we were navigating our way through our first Christmas season with a brick and mortar store, and boy was that an adventure of a completely different sort. I may have miscalculated demand and run out of chocolates at 2pm on the Friday before Christmas (Not to worry, I was restocked by 10am on Saturday). We may have miscalculated our production capabilities and had to swing seven all nighters over the course of two weeks (Also, I am now addicted to coffee which I never really drank before). And I may have miscalculated (repeatedly) how long I could microwave the hot cocoa without it boiling over. Overall, I would say Christmas was a succes!

Also, we were featured in Food and Wine Magazine's January issue in the Trendspotting section! Lots of screaming and jumping for joy ensued.

Furthermore, look at this cool photo Christina Bernales took of our Christmas Bar!
And this mediocre photo of the super awesome window display Brit Carlson did for the shop!

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