Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh hello, spring.

What's shakin'? Is that so? A 20 foot basement monster terrorized your house last week but was outwitted by a plucky young bichon named Ferdinand? What an interesting start to spring you have had; it's kind of hard to compete, really.

Hmm. Well, Team Fleurir has begun negotiations on a property in Alexandria which is pretty neat (which, in all honesty, is it's own kind of 20 foot basement monster). Be not alarmed, though! 3235 P St NW will still be our home and main retail hub, and the space in Alexandria will mostly be for production (and chocolate making classes?!?!). This means that Robert will no longer have a 3 hour commute to his kitchen which is a welcome change. Also, the ceilings are crazy tall and the building is pretty long, so we are trying to figure out how to install a zip line, or rock climbing wall, or basketball hoop (chocolate making is really a secondary concern to us, right behind... HAVING FUN!!!).

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