Tuesday, June 14, 2011

O Hai Fudgesicles! Goodbye Bad Attitude!

It has been unnecessarily hot out lately, like whoa. This is a big problem for one half of Team Fleurir because the other half can only handle temperatures between 67 and 75 degrees and gets uber cranky when the thermometer ventures past that eight degree window (or when she has to wake up before... well, waking up generally isn't my strong suit) . Unfortunately, DC went from -5 degrees (roughly) to 105 degrees (again, roughly) with no in-between this year. What is a person to do when his life/business/cribbage/gift wrapping partner becomes an unreasonable bundle of weather-rage?

Bribe her/him with this:

This is one of our scrumptious new fudgesicles that we launched last weekend. They are delicious. You should buy some if you are cranky or if someone you know is cranky and you want to make them more bearable (eating a fudgesicle while dealing with a cranky person makes the experience 63% better, it's science).


  1. Very fun- your blog is quite cute and definitely makes me want to buy chocolates from such a cute couple with such a hilarious sense of humor. Good luck with your business !!!

  2. OK - watch out. I'm coming for chocolate. I will not stop until I have sampled all of your tasty delights. Steven from NY. Congrats on the NYT piece!!! Yes. I am driving from NY to taste your chocolates and maybe get a fudgesicle (oh how my computer wants to auto-correct that!). OK, truth is I have other business there but I will make chocolate getting my top business priority. There is no other way.

  3. PS - Your blog appears to be on Micronesia Standard Time. It's midnight Tues in NY but in bloglandia its another day.