Friday, May 27, 2011


You will all be happy to hear that I really have nothing to say in this post. The pictures (thanks Christina!) all capture how incredibly, crazy awesome Team Fleurir and the new retail space are much better than my words ever could (oh, hello modesty; I don't believe we've ever met before. My name is Ashley.)

THE BEFORES (courtesy of Robert's madre, Janet):

We have keys!!!

We have ladders!
Red wall, meet primer.
Post primer
Hey, you know what's fun for the whole family? Patching and taping walls.
Nicole-My vision includes this branch.
Us- Branch, yes, BRILLIANT!!

THE AFTERS (courtesy of Christina Bernales)

Team Fleurir and a flower pot made out of moss? MFEO= made for each other
Nicole Bourgea is a champ.
A masterpiece out of tennis balls and golf tees!
DIY all over the place!
Fun fact, that big piece in the middle was initially bright blue.
In your face!!!!
That mantle was sooo heavy!!
Remember those pieces of wood Shana was beating up a few posts back? Here they are!
Come on in; buy some chocolates!

Cheers folks!


  1. Amazing! Both the 'After' pics and your bangs!!! Must see in person next week!

  2. Very cool - I peeked in your shop window last night when closed and was bummed to miss out. I was in Georgetown with my son checking out colleges and your space was adorable. I will be back to visit when I am in town for business again. Great blog !!!!

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