Sunday, June 27, 2010

Over Half Way to Christmas?!?

My, oh, my. How is it already June 27th? What, might you ask, has Team Fleurir been up to for the past six weeks that has prevented them from blogging? Well, let me tell you. We have been pounding the pavement throughout DC and Northern VA scouring for a suitable retail space. Any luck? you may follow up by asking. No, no luck. BUT we have not given up hope! Though we visited a space with "beautiful original floors" that contained more than a dozen holes into the basement, though we toured a property with an unknown and unexpected tenant (squatter?) in the attic, though we fell in love with a property that ended up being 350 square feet smaller than listed and therefore wildly overpriced (good thing we brought our own measuring tape and calculator!), and though we viewed a space in the perfect location that was so infested with mold and mildew one needed to bathe after leaving, our hunt prevails! We will not be deterred! Some nights we may cry ourselves to sleep and other nights we may eat a day's worth of work in chocolates, but we will never give up! Goonies never say die!!!!

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