Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally, Heart's Delight!

Well, enough time has passed for me to decompress after the whirlwind that was Heart's Delight Wine Auction so that I may now write about it objectively-ish.

In general, the whole event was quite satisfying. Robert and I pumped out over 2,500 chocolates in 4 days for this little get together- which is saying something considering our kitchen is roughly 190 square feet (actually, that's not roughly at all, that's pretty exact... we measured it the other day for science!) We used stickered 4pc boxes for the event, but the cool bit was that we had custom transfers made with the Heart's Delight logo on it- we put it on the 85% Dark... because dark chocolate is good for your heart, clearly. Thus, every box had one of these custom puppies and looked legit! and professional (we are nothing if not professional).

Robert and I were under the impression that dropping off the 650 little labors of love would be the anti-climactic end to our Heart's Delight venture, but, ho! We were incorrect! We were invited to one of the Thursday dinners.

Having to choose among six different dinners, Robert and I opted for the dinner at Bourbon Steak featuring L'Aventure Winery. Our thinking was that this would be the safest option for me- seeing as how I don't eat anything from water, we figured that red wine and red meat would abound at the steakhouse. The menu was nothing either of us expected!

First Course- Hamachi Sashimi with compressed pineapple and jalapeno glaze
Second Course- Woodfire grilled octopus with other things
Third Course- Grilled onions with cheese fondu
Fourth Course- Chicken stuffed morels with sweetbreads and rooster comb (red thing on top of a rooster's head)
Fifth Course- Lamb cheek confit with roasted lamb and lamb tongue
Sixth Course- Duck egg creme brulee with stuffed kumquats

Some of it was great some of it was not so great, but the wine was ridiculously delicious and abundant, and the whole concept was pretty cool- Robert and I felt so rich and glamorous!

I took several photos of the whole process, but they aren't loading properly. I will figure it out later...

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