Friday, June 5, 2015

Wine Bar Sets

Can I just claim we are free-spirited artists who don't let things like time or organization or rules of grammar enter our lives and potentially disrupt our dedication to the craft? The craft being not only chocolate making but also living life to the fullest-- because Fleurir is not just a brand, it is a way of life (and I couldn't even type that without gagging). ALRIGHT! Fine. Robert and I are just a hot mess when it comes to just about everything and that's why it's been over a year since our last post. 

Eloquent transition... new product... Wine Bar Sets!!!!

This is super duper cool guys. Robert and I drank a lot of wine over the course of several months while Robert experimented with flavor combinations and different ways to flavor chocolate, and I researched a myraid of sources regarding wine and wine tasting and wine production and storage and chemistry and varietals and weather and, and, and... let's break for photos.

The product of our labor? Fleurir Chocolates' new Wine Bar set. The set contains five chocolate bars infused with different flavor combinations created to pair with particular wines over the course of a tasting flight. The course of the chocolate tasting goes a little something like this: 

Salted Citrus in White Chocolate
Applewood Smoke in Milk Chocolate
Black Truffle and Strawberry in a White and Dark Chocolate Blend
Herbs de Provence in Dark Chocolate
Pink Peppercorn in Dark Chocolate

The sets are intended for sharing among a group of around four people during a night of merriment and revelry (CLASSY merriment and revelry, this is wine and chocolate we are talking about).

But I know nothing about wine or chocolate, or only wine, or only chocolate! Not to worry my friends! We do (hence all off that research), and we created a wonderful tasting map/insert/pamphlet o' knowledge that comes in each box and guides you through the whole tasting from what types of wines to buy and pair with each chocolate, how to set up a proper tasting, how to actually taste both the chocolate and the wine, how to store everything, and much, much more! We even include some fun facts regarding wine and chocolate just in case conversation begins to stall out and you need to liven things up:

Did you know ancient Egyptian Kings believed wine was the blood of those who battled the gods and lost which was why drinking wine temporarily drove people out of their senses and made them a touch crazy? 

That fun fact is not, in fact, in the insert, but according to the internets it's true, so there you go.

Give them a try, let us know what you think (even if you think mean/not so nice things and feel compelled to share them with us, that's cool too; just remember we are free-spirited, artist types who are very sensitive and will probably cry for a few hours over your hurtful words before drinking away the pain and falling asleep).

Also, here is a photo of part of Matt's face and part of Robert's arm and some wine they are drinking out of a fancy glasses like a couple of gentlemen.

hugs and kisses and smooches and xoxoxoxoxoxo and ciao and cheers and toodle-oo and until next time and to infinity and beyond! PEACE.

PS All of these gorgeous photos are courtesy of Hannah Hudson Photography in DC. She makes us and everything we do super beautiful (which makes me uncomfortable, so i ruin them with snarky remarks about their contents- i never claimed to be a good person).

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