Wednesday, January 9, 2013

News Including New Store Info

Well. This is a bad sign. Since my last post, blogger has completely revamped their site, and I no longer know what I'm doing. Wish me luck!

First things first, Robert and I have no access to the content of our website; this means that any time we want to put up some new info or photos we have to go through a programmer (yes, it is inefficient, and we are currently building a new one that will give us access to the site, so stop judging!). Consequently, we haven't really gotten around to having them add our new store's contact info which has driven many people to the brink of madness. I know the blog isn't the same as the site, but here it is nevertheless.

Fleurir Chocolates' second retail location and new production facility:
724 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

And our current hours are Tues-Sun 12-5pm, but those may change once we get a feel for things. Another fun fact regarding our contact info is that I have no idea how our new phone works sooooo it only rings twice before going to the voicemail that I have yet to setup. I promise I will have Robert sort it out soon, and in the meantime we will run as fast as we can to answer the phone when it rings.

Moving right along, the really exciting news regarding the new location is that we will soon hold chocolate making classes and movie nights which I will post more about later... once we figure out what we are doing. I do know, however, that there will definitely be a chick flick and chocolate night leading up to Valentine's day, and it will probably star Meg Ryan.

That is all I have for now, so I will leave you with this hot mess of a photo of the new space. Enjoy!

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