Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Retail Space You Say?

Well. Have I got news for you. News that I have already posted on twitter and Facebook weeks ago. News that might blow your mind after my countless sob stories on this particular issue. News that Team Fleurir has a home- a real home.

This is the place we get to call our own.

We picked up the keys March 2 (sooo many photos I want to post but they are all on a camera three hours away; thus, we shall all make do with the shots from my phone).

We have three weeks to transform this little gem into the best darn chocolate shop in THE WORLD.

Therefore, we recruited friends and feasted on pizza and beer to pump us up for the massive undertaking.

Actually, before the pizza and beer we recruited (and by recruited I mean begged and pleaded) the fantastically BRILLIANT designer Leah Moss to help us turn our exceptionally inspired and always original design ideas into reality. Did I mention she's due in April? And I do not mean due in court to plead her case in a triple homicide in which she claims to have been setup! By aliens! In disguise! With an impressive grasp on the English language and perfectly matched DNA! Tricksy aliens. No, I mean due to give birth to a human child. What a champ.

Not only did she streamline our vision into an obtainable goal, she also came to our home to preform manual labor, on her birthday. No joke. She even brought her sister-in-law to toil out of doors on a Saturday.

Shana came too- mostly because Robert promised her burgers and the chance to let out all of her anger under the guise of distressing wood.

What more could we ask for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing would be the appropriate answer. And even without asking for it; even without thinking it a possibility... Leah's sister and DC-based artist Nicole Bourgea OFFERED to create an installation for our shop. One can only conclude that Robert's and my sharp wit and easy laugh attract awesome people.

Other awesome people credits include Robert's folks who have assisted in an impressive amount of manual labor AND paperwork. Robert's sister, Sarah Ludlow McCurry, who aids in all of our legal woes. My parents and brother who constantly call to offer long distance support and fantastic business ideas that I tend to present to Robert as my own. And Shana, who even without the burgers, pizza, beer, and girlscout cookies (the girl has clearly drawn priorities) would have spent her entire weekend days and nights helping us paint, paper, and distress.

Thank you all.


  1. too sweet! So sweet in fact that I'll forgive you for posting my wildly pregnant picture across the blogosphere :)

  2. Congratulations on the retail space! I'm sure many great things will come out of here! Can't wait to visit-and if you need any ideas for flowers/window boxes let me know! *Amy