Sunday, February 6, 2011

I forgot my password- that's how long it's been

The title is a truth fact- it has been so long since my last post that I forgot my password and had to reset it. Usually, this type of technical difficulty would have meant 3 more months of procrastination because resetting passwords is such an unmanageable burden, and there are so many other things to do on the internet like search for a new dog to adopt, watch videos on how to make your own letterpress, or enter epic bidding wars on ebay over things you don't want but refuse to lose- I don't care if your prom is in 2 weeks, and these are the perfect shoes for your dress, and you've been hunting for shoes for months, and this is the most important night of your life, and the shoes aren't actually my size, and I already have a pair kind of like them. I. Will. Win. It's a wonder, really, we ever have time to make such delicious chocolates.

So what has happened since July 21? I don't want this to turn into a laundry list, but it's either that or a thirty-two page post that will inevitably begin to describe, in intimate detail, the most mundane aspects of Team Fleurir's last 6 months. Therefore, que the list!

1. Robert and I abandoned our life of sin and made our seven year relationship legitimate.

2. Team Fleurir developed a line of regionally based chocolate bars. We received box samples the other day, and our minds were blown by how spectaular, spectacular they were; consequently, we ordered thousands of them! Once the boxes arrive in a few weeks, we will toss them on the internets and let the frenzy begin. Probably they will land us on the cover of Bon Appetit before launching us onto a feature in Fortune. The boxes were created by Chris and Lauren Weems (I will insert their contact info later... when I find it). Enjoy some teaser art to get you excited (this is the art for our Christmas bar, Peppermint Crunch- you will just have to wait and see how we graphically capture your region later!):

3. We entered negotiations for several retail spaces, and had our hearts broken every time- most recently was this past week. I may or may not expand on that little misadventure in my next post.

4. We had our busiest December EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Granted, we may have only been around for two Decembers. And granted, last December was snowpocalypse. But it was still awesome! Thank you to everyone who gave us their money!!!

5. We were written about in some places, like here and here.

6. And we started wholesaling to some new retailers like Eco Fab in Little Rock, AK.

And that, folks, is mostly what we have been up to. There is more, but it's generally boring, and this post was starting to go downhill real fast near the end there.


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  1. could there have been a more hubbard-esque post? i don't think so.