Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fair Weather Vendors

Oh Farmers' Market, my fickle friend. What can I say? There is nothing better than spending three hours out in the fresh air on a beautiful Saturday morning- talking with customers, munching on homemade apple turnovers, and showing off our chocolates. But, no one is ever so lucky as to have such a day, week after week, all season long. Some days, when the thermometer barely crests over 40 degrees, or when the wind is so strong we have to weigh down our tent and chase flying little paper cups full of samples all over market square, we are not so enthusiastic. Still other days, when the thermometer ticks above the sacred 75 degrees and our electric coolers are chugging away trying to prevent melty man from coming and our display chocolates and samples slowly lose their structure, we are not so enthusiastic. And finally, when no one comes- when we spend the morning stuffing our faces with what is essentially apple pie and resort to road trip games and staring contests to stem the boredom, we are not so enthusiastic.

But market, oh market, when you treat us like a lady- mild mannered, captivatingly conversational, and ready to shop- oh how we love thee.

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